Estates + Facilities Office

Caretakers Desk (Helpdesk)

Internal work requests, maintenance requests or room set up requests should be addressed directly to Issues requiring immediate attention due to the nature of the issue (such as health and safety) should be communicated as soon as possible either by using the above email address or from the campus, phoning ext. 4660 or +353 1 239 4660 if you are using a personal phone.

Cleaning, Waste Management + Recycling Services

The cleaning service is provided by an external service provider. During core opening hours there is a janitor in place to deal with emergency cleaning issue. Should you require any of these services please contact or call ext. 4660 or +353 1 239 4660 if you are using a personal phone. Complaints in respect of the cleaning service should be sent to


CCTV is in operation throughout the campus for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety. The system is controlled by IADT Estates + Facilities Office. Please note that under the data protection legislation, recorded CCTV images are not available to persons other than the controllers and members of the Gardaí when investigating potential crimes. In a security related emergency call ext. 4999 or +353 1 239 4999 if you are using a personal phone.

When the phone is answered state clearly:

  • what the emergency is
  • where the emergency is

Car Parks

CCTV is in operation in car park and public areas for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety only. CCTV is not provided as a means of investigating causes of damage to vehicles. Please be aware that cars, motor bikes and bicycles will be parked at the owners’ risk at all times. IADT accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles, bikes or contents while on the premises.

IADT CCTV Policy (updated January 2019)