Design + Visual Arts

If you are applying to any of the courses in the Department of Design + Visual Arts, you must submit a portfolio and you may be required to attend an interview afterwards.

What should my portfolio contain?

  • A portfolio is a collection of your work – both finished and in progress – that showcases your interests and enthusiasms.
  • It should demonstrate curiosity, inventiveness and ideas through a wide range of media, as well as your ability to work around selected themes.
  • You can include course and school projects as well as any independent work. We like to see large or three-dimensional work, but this can be presented as photographs or other documentation.

Your portfolio should:

IADT Be organised
Decide how best to arrange your portfolio. For example, it may be chronological or in thematic sections where initial work is placed next to final pieces.
IADT Be sure to include
Notebooks, sketchbooks, journals or visual diaries. We want to see how you document your working process.
IADT Include a CV
One CV for each course for which you are applying. Note details of hobbies, technical skills and involvement in activities relevant to that course. Information on age or educational background is not used for assessment purposes, so there’s no need to include it.
IADT Be clear
If you are including team work, identify your role.
IADT Be selective
Include and highlight your best work. We appreciate quality not quantity, so no more than 30 pieces, please. Show work relevant to the course for which you are applying.

Department of Design + Visual Arts portfolio checklist

Have you included

  • Project work (set projects and self-initiated work) – including sketchbooks, development work and finished pieces – showing visual exploration, experimentation and creativity around a theme/object(s)/place/idea, etc.
  • Observational drawing from life/still life (not from photographs)
  • Drawings/Visual studies using a range of different media and demonstrating colour exploration including painting, collage, etc.
  • Any photographic work (optional) or support work of personal interest
  • Photographs of 3D work
  • Digital work: either printed or as files on a USB stick

Portfolio Guidelines | Creative Music Production

2 audio works plus a statement. A written submission, please see portfolio guidelines below.

Portfolio submission for DL704 Creative Music Production for 2017 is via email.

Full instructions will be emailed, once you have applied for the course through 

You have two options on what to submit for this portfolio:

Applicants must submit either A or  B

(A) Audio Submission

  • Applicants to this course must submit two examples of their audio/music compositions, or audio/music work they have produced, assisted or contributed to.
  • In addition, you must provide a written statement which explains the work presented, to a maximum of 300 words. You need to tell us what your role was in relation to the material presented – is it original work, did you perform it, record it, produce it?

Professional quality tracks are not expected, although applicants are recommended to take the opportunity to present their best work.

The written report is a very important aspect of the submission. It offers an opportunity to not only clearly outline your role in the submission, but also to discuss aspirations and passion for the area.

When deciding what tracks to include, reviewers would welcome two contrasting pieces (this is a suggestion, not a requirement).

Reviewers are looking for work that shows an enthusiasm for the area.

The work must be in mp3 format and submitted to the email address as advised in the January prior to admission. Audio files must be MP3s, 256kps, or preferably 320kps.

The total size of BOTH audio works must not exceed 24mb in TOTAL.

We cannot accept data files, i.e. project files such as Pro Tools or Logic.


(B) Written Work Submission

A piece of written work on one of the following;

  • A music genre
  • Review of a concert
  • Study of a composer or performer

The written work must give detail of an understanding of a musical field or artist, demonstrating your passion and interest for the subject. Written work must be submitted as an attachment to the email or in the body of the email itself.