Student Counselling

We know that the transition to third level education can be challenging. Therapeutic and educational services respond to the personal, psychological, social and academic needs and concerns of students.

How it works

All work is primarily conducted within the ethical framework of the Psychological Society of Ireland. A copy of the code of professional ethics is available on Sessional counselling staff may work within different ethical frameworks such as IACP or IAHIP.


For any student who has experienced a sudden death or traumatic bereavement or knows of someone who has, we would like to offer our condolences from the Student Counselling Service. The Student Counselling Service is available all year round to meet students individually or within groups. There is a range of information which may be helpful and further resources, as detailed in the download links below.

Further services that are available are from who offer bereavement counselling either in Dublin or countrywide locations. This service is provided by a group of volunteers who are recruited and trained in the theory of grief and the counselling of bereaved individuals.

The HSE also provide stress management
course and the details are available here

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