DARE Scheme

IADT is part of the DARE (Disability Access Route to Education) national admissions scheme for school leavers with disabilities.

IADT is part of the DARE (Disability Access Route to Education) national admissions scheme which can allocate reduced points places to eligible school leavers under 23 years old with disabilities.

For information about the process of applying to DARE including the deadlines and criteria, please check the Access College website: www.accesscollege.ie.

We would encourage all applicants with disabilities who apply through the CAO to utilise the DARE scheme.

DARE applicants are informed by letter at the end of June if they are eligible or not for the DARE scheme. Full details of a recheck process are available on the DARE website: www.accesscollege.ie. If you are eligible for DARE you will then be considered for a DARE reduced points place under certain criteria.

All applicants to the DARE scheme at IADT must meet minimum entry requirements and any course-specific requirements. Details are available for each course at IADT at http://www.iadt.ie/courses.

Students who apply through DARE but meet the standard CAO entry points will be offered a place for their course. IADT then reserves a number of places on each programme for DARE applicants who are below the CAO points for the year in question. The DARE applicants then compete with each other for these allocated place(s), with the students with the highest points being offered the place(s). Students with sensory disabilities (such as visual or hearing impairments) and students with physical disabilities will be prioritised when allocating DARE places, as will students who are eligible for both the DARE and HEAR schemes.

DARE reduced points and merit offers are made through CAO and are in round 1 and sometimes in round 2 if there are places still available. If you get a DARE reduced points offer this will appear as a regular offer online through the CAO. You will then receive a letter to inform you that you have received a DARE offer and that if you accept the place you must register fully with the Disability Support Service and attend the Disability Support Service orientation.

It is important to note that DARE is an admissions scheme and students may be eligible for supports even if they are not eligible for DARE. All students with disabilities are encouraged to make an appointment with the Disability Support Service to discuss what supports may be available to them regardless of how they enter the college.

Please note if students declare themselves through the CAO that they have a disability, they must still register fully with the DSS in order to get supports if they come to IADT.

We recommend that those students who are eligible for DARE and get enough points for their course without availing of a DARE place should still register with the Disability Support Service (DSS).