EU Research Projects

IADT’s EU research project team are currently partners on three research / development projects funded under the EU’s Erasmus+ Key Action 2 programme. Namely, Theatre and Digital Stories (T&D Stories), European Youth News Exchange Network (Y-NEX) and Cinema for Refugees Social Inclusion (RefugeesIN).

1. T & D Stories

The intellectual outputs of the T & D Stories project are aimed at strategically important groups identified by the European platform against poverty and exclusion; young adults with intellectual disabilities, young adults from minority groups at risk of social exclusion and migrants (immigrating and returning from migration to homeland).  The consortium aims to support adult educators (teachers, trainers and social workers) who work with these groups by developing teacher training programmes and pedagogical materials.  Through this process teachers are equipped with the necessary skills and online resources to facilitate learners to convey their stories easily and powerfully via digitally networked technologies and/or visual and non-verbal theatre based on puppetry art. IADT’s partners for this project are, Teatr Grodzki, Poland, Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi, Italy, Astofan, Iceland, and Fundacja Centrum Edukacyjne, Poland. The project duration is 2 years (October 2015 to September 2017).

Digital stories and pedagogical materials created during the lifetime of the project can be found Here.   Follow us on Facebook.

2. Y-NEX

The Y-NEX project aims to enable young people to connect with the general public, express their opinions and have an influence on the political and social processes affecting their lives. This will be achieved via an innovative training program in mobile journalism and development of a massive online open course (MOOC) thereby contributing to the empowerment and active citizenship of young people, increasing their capacity for political and social participation. The MOOC contains 6 modules; Media Literacy and Human Rights, Mobile Journalism Technology, Mobile Journalism Storytelling, Mobile Journalism Production, Intellectual Property Rights and Digital Entrepreneurship.  IADT’s partners for this project are, HRT radio-television, Croatia, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science, Croatia, Telecentar, Croatia and Audiovisual Technologies, Informatics & Telecommunications, Belgium.  The project duration is 2 years (October 2015 to September 2017).

Further Information on the Y-NEX project outputs can be found Here.  Follow us on Facebook.

3. RefugeesIN

A humanitarian calamity of historic proportions has been growing in Europe. More than a million migrants/refugees crossed into Europe by 2015 from war torn countries. Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis make up some of the largest groups, fleeing conflict and insurgencies from Islamist groups including Isis and the Taliban. The aim of RefugeesIN, in line with current European policy, is to counter negative social beliefs about refugees – via the medium of film. Film evidence about the achievements of former refugees who are now considered well included good role models in their new EU societies can have a positive impact on newcomers who find themselves on a similar path. The ultimate goal of RefugeesIN is to offer an innovative cinema-based Pack to professional staff working with refugees to use in their activities for example in adult education to encourage intercultural dialogue. IADT’s partners on this project are, Aidlearn (lead partner) from Portugal; Hamburger Volkshochschule, Germany; Centro Stud City De Foligno, Italy; The Slovenian Third Age University, Slovenia and the Greek Council of Refugees, Greece.

Further information on the RefugeesIN project can be found Here. Follow us on Facebook