FÍS (Films in Schools)

FÍS (Film in Schools) has been running an annual film festival in the Helix for primary schools for over a decade now. In collaboration with the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST), teachers are supported through professional development and online resources to make films in the classroom, fostering the development of creativity and higher order thinking skills in primary school pupils.

The FÍS project has been growing year on year, with teachers and pupils at primary level showing remarkable skills in storytelling and digital video production. Every year new teachers try out filmmaking in the classroom, and report that the process brings out hitherto unrecognised talents, skills and confidence in pupils, engendering teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and critical thinking, regardless of whether the final film makes it all the way to the Helix, or never leaves the classroom.

Following much demand, FÍS is finally moving into secondary education, with a pilot in 2016 with NUI Maynooth School of Education on documentary filmmaking around themes of social justice, and with a North-South collaboration examining different perspectives on the centenary celebrations through the lens of digital stories. Both of these projects are in collaboration with our partner, the Professional Development Service for Teachers.

The FÍS division also frequently participates in research and civic engagement projects related to use of digital technology in education and digital storytelling as an empowering tool for the expression of communities, minorities and children’s voices.

For more information see www.fisfilmproject.ie

Contact Details:

Bernie Meagher, bernadette.meagher@iadt.ie, +353 1 239 4759