Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer is the process whereby a research performing institute like IADT makes its research and technologies available for use by industry on commercial terms.

This typically involves licensing a technology to a company in return for a share of revenues generated from that technology. In some cases, technologies can also form the basis of a new spin-out company, with the researcher(s) potentially taking on a role (often a senior role) in that company.

Technology Transfer gives researchers the opportunity to see their work translated into commercial products and services, and can even open up a new career path within a spin-out company. Meanwhile, companies benefit from access to technologies and research that can greatly enhance their competitiveness in the marketplace.

IADT is part of the Dublin Regional Innovation Consortium – a collaboration between DIT, IT Blanchardstown, IT Tallaght and the National College of Ireland. In 2017 it is hoped that the DIAS (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies) will also join the consortium.  With support from Enterprise Ireland, this partnership allows IADT and our industry partners to access Technology Transfer expertise from within the DIT Hothouse team. If you would like to discuss Technology Transfer at IADT, please contact:
Dr Mark Riordan: +353 1 239 4745
or Linda Carroll: +353 1 239 4644.

The standard forms and templates which we use as part of the Technology Transfer process are available to download below: