Taster Days 12th – 16th February 2018

Join us for our Taster Days and find out what it's really like to study at IADT. Take part in our workshops to learn more about the perfect course for you.

Taster Days at IADT will offer you the chance to experience our courses first-hand by taking part in our workshops, exploring the campus and talking to our lecturers.

Register now as places are limited for each workshop. 

We look forward to seeing you at IADT!

Course Workshop Date + Time Description
3D Design, Modelmaking + Digital Art ZBrush Demonstration Tues 13 Feb 11am-1pm FULL Join us in the modelmaking studio for an in-depth demonstration on creature design and sculpting using ZBrush. You'll also learn about the course, be able to ask portfolio related questions, and meet some of our current students.
Animation Animation Workshop Wed 14 Feb 10am–5pm FULL Join our 1st Year Animation students for the day, participate in classes and learn a little about the basics of Animation Principles and Animation Drawing. You will also be able to discuss Portfolio entry requirements, course entry procedures, student workload on our course, and job prospects in Animation. You should have an interest and experience in drawing.
Applied Psychology Your Hidden Self Mon 12 Feb 2pm - 4pm FULL OR
Tues 13 Feb 11am–1pm
Do we really know ourselves? Join this hands-on workshop and take part in experiments to discover your real self. There’ll be demonstrations from cognitive and social psychology to show how sometimes we really don’t know ourselves. And we’ll also have some experiments and tests you can conduct in order to discover your true self.
Art Monoprints and Paper Making Thur 15 Feb 10am-12 noon FULL In this practical hands-on workshop we will explore making Monoprints using different techniques, coloured inks, tools and media. We will also introduce you to the principals of Paper Making, exploring how different waste materials and ingredients can create different surfaces to work.
Arts Management Arts Management Workshop Wed 14 Feb 10am–12 noon Do you love Art forms like Music, Film, Theatre, Dance or Visual Art? Then let the adventure begin! In this workshop you can start to explore where a career in Arts Management could take you, in the Cultural industries as a Music Manager, Event Manager, Festival Director or Public Relations.
Creative Computing Creative Computing Workshop Tues 13 Feb 2pm–4pm At this session you’ll get an overview of the course as well as a Colour Workshop in Processing. This workshop is a hands-on introduction using the Processing programming language into: Colour, Computer Graphics, Animation, User Interaction.
Creative Media Technologies Make noise using the Arduino Tues 13 Feb 11am–1pm In this practical hands-on workshop, we will program and hack the Arduino microcontroller. You will learn some basic electronics, software programming and how to convert electrical signals to sounds.
Creative Music Production Creative Music Production Workshop Tues 13 Feb 10am - 12 noon FULL Venue: Sound Training College, Temple Bar. Join us at the Sound Training College for a tour of the studios and facilities. Come and meet the team, sample a lecture and understand what you need to do to prepare for your portfolio.
Design for Stage + Screen Character Design Workshop Wed 14 Feb 10am - 1pm OR 2pm-5pm FULL Character Design is an essential component of TV, Film and Theatre work. This workshop explores the unique work of the designer in inventing and realising characters for a wide range of drama and entertainment contexts. It will cover how to use research to create costumes and use makeup to authenticate characters. This workshop will also give you a hands-on experience of working with different materials.
Design + Visual Arts (general) Sketchbook Workshop Mon 12th Feb 11am–1pm FULL Sketchbooks are really important for all our courses. Whatever IADT Art and Design course you are interested in, this workshop in Sketchbook practice will be really helpful to you. We will be looking at examples of good sketchbooks and giving you practical advice, techniques and approaches to make your sketchbook really work for you.
English, Media + Cultural Studies King Lear - Leaving Cert Masterclass + Film and Media Seminar Wed 14 Feb 2pm–4pm Are you preparing King Lear for your Leaving Cert? Get an edge on the rest with this masterclass as we explore the concepts of Madness and Monarchy at work in this play. We’ll follow with a Film + Media Seminar where you’ll learn how the film + TV industries actually work; how programmes get made and why we watch them. You’ll also get a crash course in the basics of how to study a popular TV programme and how to understand its production and funding, and learn how to analyse what you are watching.
Entrepreneurship Mind your Media Workshop Wed 14 Feb 12 noon–2pm This workshop will prepare you for the world of Business and Entrepreneurship by helping you to better understand how to use social media like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram to develop a professional profile.
New Media Studies New Media + Storytelling Workshop Wed 14 Feb 12 noon–2pm Learn how to develop a story for film, TV or YouTube through this practical workshop.
Photography Photography Workshop Tues 13 Feb 10am–4pm FULL OR
Weds 14 Feb 10am–4pm
Have you applied to our Photography course on the CAO? At this workshop bring your portfolio and visual journal and receive invaluable advice from our lecturers. You can discuss the course content and portfolio requirements & explore our Photography studios. You will also get a chance to produce some Photography work. Lecturers will give you a Photography project which you can also include in your portfolio submission.
Visual Communication Design Visual Communication Design Workshop Mon 12th Feb 10am–4pm FULL At this workshop you’ll find out about the course, portfolio requirements, and explore some graduate work. The team will take you through a process where you will explore the role and use of letterforms in conveying a message through a process of drawing. You will build life-size letterforms together and place your models in an appropriate context on campus.