Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson is an Animation graduate from IADT. She is now working as an animator on an upcoming feature film and writing and developing her own shorts. This is Jessica's graduate story.

“Animators are artists, filmmakers, actors, storytellers. I learned that my first day at IADT and spent the next four years along-side the most talented people I could have hoped to meet.”

Mentors and friends who help you grow further than you ever thought you could – that’s what IADT has to offer. From day one, I knew I’d made the right choice… in a room full of like-minded people, learning about the thing I was most passionate about and at some point realising that it wasn’t going to stop when the lecture was over, or when I went home for the day, or even at graduation. IADT grew my passion for animation and showed me it’s a viable career choice. My graduate film Did You Hear About Her Dad? has been seen at festivals across Ireland, the UK and America, including Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Toronto, Canada. 

It also won first prize for best student film at DAFF 2015. Right now, I’m animating on an upcoming feature film and am writing and developing my own shorts. If you had told me any of this four years ago I would have laughed and gone back to my drawings, but honestly these are just some of the many things you can achieve by choosing IADT. I’m really glad I did.