Daragh Cassidy

Daragh Cassidy graduated from Creative Media Technologies at IADT in 2015. We asked him about his journey from IADT to employment, see what he has to say below.

What did you like about your course at IADT?

I thought IADT was pretty great as a college overall. The small class sizes were perfect and the lecturers were always available to help with assignments which was really helpful. My course introduced me to a lot of new technologies and helped me get a foot in the door at the start of my career.

Did the course prepare you for your job?

No doubt about it, a lot of the skills I need for my job day to day I picked up during my time at IADT. A lot of the work in my first job was done using Arduino boards as prototypes. We chose Arduinos as the language they were programmed in (C++/C#) and could be easily ported for use on other embedded devices.

What do you do now?

I am currently working as a front end developer for KAX Media. My first position after graduating from IADT was as an Internet of Things (IoT) developer. I designed hardware and software (both interface and back-end) for an IoT sensor network. The sensor network was used to gather information regarding temperature, humidity and light levels on construction sites.

Is there any particularly memorable event from your time at IADT?

The most memorable event is probably the end of year Showcase. Two gentlemen from an exciting employer spoke to me on the day regarding my project. I received an email from them later that day offering me a full time job at their company starting the following Monday. I ended up working for them for almost 2 years and it set me down the career path that I hope to follow for the rest of my working years.