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Faculty of Film, Art + Creative Technologies

The Faculty of Film, Art + Creative Technologies offers a rich portfolio of inter-related programmes in a vibrant atmosphere of research, creativity, technology and production.

Our programmes push discipline boundaries through creative collaboration and interaction. Our strong links with the commercial, academic and cultural sectors are an essential part of every programme, providing students with experiences in a personal, national and global context.

Our programmes in Film, Media, Design and Visual Arts provide students with the opportunity to develop academically and to explore their professional practice. Each programme enjoys a high profile and a reputation for quality and relevance in a fast moving professional environment.

The Faculty benefits from being the home of the National Film School (NFS).

Our programmes in Technology and Psychology focus on people centred technology in a digital environment. These bring together people and technology, exploring the fields of psychology and technology, digital media and entertainment, and human computer interaction. From usability engineering to virtual reality we offer programmes that combine technical skill and knowledge with an understanding of how technology operates in society. This convergence gives our students opportunities for interdisciplinary projects and interaction in both formal and informal ways. All of our programmes enjoy a high profile and a reputation for quality and relevance in a fastmoving professional environment.

Current research in Creative Technologies can be seen in the Faculty’s Centre for Creative Technologies + Applications (CCTA):

Head of Faculty:
Mr. David Smith (acting) BA, MA

Head of Department of Technology + Psychology:
Dr. Marion Palmer MA, MEd, CSci, CPhys, MInstP, EdD, PhD

Head of Department of Film + Media:
Donald Taylor Black MA

Head of Department of Design + Visual Arts:
Liam Doona BA

Karen Muldowney/Marianne Cullen + 353 1 239 4663 and
Thelma Gill/Linda Doyle + 353 1 239 4658 and
Pamela Gaynor + 353 1 239 4724
Celine Blacow + 353 1 239 4664




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