MA Public Cultures + Society

‘Public Culture’ comprises public policies, communication, discourses and ideas, as well as behaviour in society. It deals with the relationship between individuals and the state. Key areas of interest include the distinction between public and private culture; the concepts of public life, citizenship, mechanisms of governments, the influence of the media, the power of the arts; and the power of the individual in the public realm.

This MA programme welcomes students that want to engage with intellectual, political and ethical debates that cross academic disciplines and other institutional boundaries. This programme offers an interdisciplinary approach to public cultures and society, examining global and local issues through cultural theory. It is suitable for graduates from a range of disciplines who wish to build upon their knowledge, and it offers graduates as well as professionals in the media, the public sector, and the arts, an opportunity to acquire critical and reflective skills and to enhance career opportunities in the public realm, the arts, the media and other professional fields.


Future careers

Graduates from the programme have gone on to take up a range of positions across the public and private sectors. These employment roles are in the Creative and Cultural Industries, the public sector, Advocacy and Activism, Marketing and Public Relations, Private Industry and Higher Education. This programme provides learners with an appreciation of the public nature of policy formation, decision-making and work employment and society.

What modules will I study?

The following are the indicative modules studied in the programme:

  • Theory of Public Cultures;
  • Work Employment and Society;
  • Critical Approaches to Texts;
  • Research Methodologies;
  • Cultural Policies and Practices;
  • Public Cultures and Critiques;
  • Dissertation