BA [Hons] English, Media
+ Cultural Studies

This course combines Literature, Film, Television and Cultural Studies. Students will gain knowledge of a wide range of literary works, media texts, film, television and visual Cultures. If you are Interested in a career in Journalism, Teaching, Human Rights Law, International Politics, Trade Unionism or Broadcasting? These are just a few of the career paths open to English, Media + Cultural Studies graduates.

What will I do?

  • Read and study a wide range of literary works.
  • Explore the history of Film & Television and learn how to critique and analyse them.
  • Broaden your knowledge of Culture
  • Develop skills in Critical and analytical thinking/Writing & Research/Presenting
  • Gained skills required for various career paths or further study

What will I be able to do when I graduate?

Recent graduates of this programme have found employment in the following areas:

Journalism, Publishing, Advertising, Public Relations, Radio, Research, Human Rights Law,  Trade Unionism, Film, Television, Teaching, Politics and Activism, Performance, Librarianship, Public Service, International Relations, International English teacher,

What modules will I study?

Year 1
Modern English Literature, Introduction to Critical Theory, Introduction to Cinema and Cultural Studies, Introduction to Media Studies, Introduction to Urban Literatures, Learning Journal, Dramatic Writing.

Year 2
Critical Theory, Documentary and Film, Political Economy + Globalisation, 19th Century Literature, Tragic Theatre, Popular Cultures, Writing for Multiple Media Platforms, Genres of Popular Fiction

Year 3
20th Century Irish Writing, James Joyce, Cultural Identities, Contemporary Cinema, Research Methods, Modernism, TV Drama, Work Employment and Society, Research proposal development.

Year 4
Media and Cultural Identity in Ireland, Contemporary Literature, Censorship and Control, Politics and
Public Cultures in Ireland, Dissertation.

Sample elective modules: Censorship and Control, American Literature, Technology and Cultures, Non Western Cinema, Gothic and Horror, Visual Cultures and Political Violence.

English, Media + Cultural Studies Students
English, Media + Cultural Studies Students