Certificate Digital Start-up

Gain the skills and insights to get your ideas and your business up and running online.

What is it?

This Postgraduate Certificate course is designed for those who want to get an existing business or business idea online successfully. Designed to meet the demands for high tech business leaders, it teaches the skills necessary to build a website that tells your business story; establish social media marketing channels; and analyse data to improve your business. Course content has been carefully chosen to support any new product or service-led business.

What will I do?

This practical course shows how to use a variety of online tools to develop an online presence. Students design and execute a customised online and web marketing strategy and develop an electronic portfolio to showcase the work. It teaches the skills needed to critically evaluate the behaviours of online consumers; evaluate a variety of online business models; and analyse the data associated with an online business.

Future careers

This course opens up a range of opportunities to start your own business and work in digital marketing, digital strategy and e-commerce.

What will I study?

Digital Story-telling | The Online Consumer | Social Marketing Strategy | Online Data Management.