BSc [Hons] Applied Psychology

Fascinating and practical, this is a unique opportunity to study how psychology applies to everyday existence – including our use of technology – and to explore how psychology can create new ways to improve quality of life. Topics include; personality, childhood, mental processes (such as attention and memory), the brain and its disorders, and how other people influence our behaviour. Learn skills employers want, such as teamwork, communication, and critical thinking.

What will I do?

A mix of group work, lectures and tutorials, independent study is combined with approx. 22 hours a week in class. 
From second year you specialise in either Psychology + Technology or Psychology + Practice. 
Wide range of innovative assessments — on any given day you could be doing a small-scale research project, making a game, creating a blog, giving a presentation, designing a poster or volunteering in the local community.

What will I be able to do when I graduate?

This degree is accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland, which means it meets particular standards and has particular core characteristics. Graduates leave with a competitive edge because this course explores the same core psychology modules as other equivalent, accredited undergraduate courses, but also offers additional modules in applied psychology. There is an emphasis on the application of psychology to everyday life, the workplace, community, industry, and technology (e.g. sport and health psychology, organisational psychology and cyberpsychology). Graduates often pursue postgraduate studies or enter the technology or social science sectors.

What modules will I study?   

Year 1 - everyone does all modules

Introduction to Psychology, Personality and Individual Differences, Cyberpsychology, Research Methods and Statistics 1, Multimedia Design, ICT, and shared Introduction to Film, Art + Creative Technologies (FACT) module.

After a common first year, students choose one of two paths: Psychology and Practice or Psychology and Technology.

Year 2

Common modules: Developmental and Lifespan Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Perception, Research Methods and Statistics 2, Cross faculty elective.

  • Psychology and Technology Path: you will undertake Information Design + Multimedia, Usability.
  • Psychology and Practice Path: you will study Sport + Health Psychology, Organisational Psychology.

Year 3

Common modules:  Social Psychology, Neuropsychology, Abnormal Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics 3, IT Group Project.

  • Psychology and Technology Path: you will learn how to do Web Applications and Content Management.
  • Psychology and practice path: you will study Educational Psychology. 

Year 4

Common modules:  Transpersonal + Positive Psychology, Advanced Research in Psychology, Psychology of New Media and Entertainment and Major Research Project.

  • Psychology and Technology Path: you will study Human Computer Interaction in Practice.
  • Psychology and Practice path: you will study Forensic Psychology.