BA [Hons] Animation

Learn how to become an animation production artist and develop key creative, conceptual and strategic skills, with IADT’s internationally acclaimed four-year BA (Hons) in Animation. Member of ETNA and CILECT.
Animation Graduate Reel 2017
Animation Graduate Reel 2017

One of the youngest art/design disciplines, animation continues to grow in popularity and importance across the entertainment, advertising, education and communication industries. Learn how to explore and document your world and your stories with a full complement of animation production processes and skills.

What will I do?

  • Learn the techniques and skills needed for animated features, TV production, TV commercials, special FX, short films, and traditional as well as CGI animation. 
  • Develop the creative, theoretical and technical skills appropriate to gaining an animation degree. 
  • Learn from real experiences, whether individually or as part of a group.

What will I be able to do when I graduate?

You will be well equipped for a career in: animation production companies, multimedia companies, production and post-production houses for animation, film and television, as well as for freelance/ independent work. Other career paths include gaming, architectural and industrial modelling, film/special effects, advertising, multimedia and teaching. Graduates have found employment with: Brown Bag Films, Kavaleer, Jam Media, The Element, Monster, Screen Scene, Abbey Theatre, Weta, Manandink, Flickerpix, Barley Films, and Cartoon Saloon.

What modules will I study?

Year 1

Critical and Contextual Studies: Visual Culture, Film and Animation History; Design for Animation; Digital Skills for Animation; Life Drawing; Animation Principles; Storyboarding and Layout; shared Introduction to Film, Art + Creative Technologies (FACT) module.

Year 2

Critical and Contextual Studies (Film, Technology and the City; Film and Narrative); Design for Animation Production; Digital Skills for Animation Production; Life Drawing; Character Animation Principles; and the Animated Character Performance. In addition, you will be able to choose one module from the bank of available Year 2 FACT electives.

Year 3

Critical and Contextual Studies: Research Seminar and Thesis Preparation; Research and Concept Development; Group Industry and Professional Practice; Production Preparation; Advanced Life Drawing for Animation; and Advanced Digital Skills for Animation Production.

Year 4

Final project and show reel for the Graduate Exhibition, supported by a dissertation and/or documented research project portfolio.


In 2016, Animation graduates received a combined total of 24 nominations for Irish Student Animation Awards at the Dingle Animation Festival.

Animation Portfolio - What Do I Need?
Animation Portfolio - What Do I Need?