Niamh Gallagher

I teach on the Applied Entrepreneurship and Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Management Programmes. Our aim is to provide the students with transferable skills that will help them in their future careers. In addition to teaching the current theories of the finance, entrepreneurship and management my modules also include practical components to allow students to apply their newly acquired skills in a meaningful way, namely in business environments. For example, we ask the students to plan and develop an idea for a Social Enterprise and then to actual implement this, within the college environment. The students are engaged by this practical work, they thrive upon it and find that it allows them to apply what they learnt in the classroom.

The students experience first-hand the skills that they will need in the workplace such as communication, negotiation, team work, leadership, project management as well as specific business skills such as financial planning, selling, marketing, IT etc. The classroom provides the context and these practical components cement the learning. This approach works very well in IADT due to our small class sizes and our links with local enterprises.  For me, it allows me to bring together my 12 years of work experience in various business and management roles, my years of lecturing in business modules and my interest in promoting experiential learning opportunities in the classroom. 


The role of Experiential Learning in Entrepreneurship Education

Moylan, T., Gallagher, N. + Heagney C. Exploratory Studies on the use of Experiential Learning in Entrepreneurship Education. AISHE-J: The All Ireland Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 8(1), 2531-253232016


Coneeect Educating Entrepreneurship Educators Workshop, Lisbon.2015